Overwhelmed, Confused & Frustrated Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Who Feel Like You’re Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall with Your Business…

Learn a Very Simple, but Very Powerful Video Marketing System that will allow you to Share Your Gift, Message & Business with the World

and all whilst enjoying the
Authority, Impact, Profits & Success that you deserve!

Hi there, Andrew McCombe here – the founder and CEO of Outlier.

If I could show you a simple, yet very powerful Media and Marketing system that will allow you to share your businesses inspiring product, service or story directly with the world

With compelling content that connects directly with your ideal customer and...

Provides them with a solution to their biggest pain point, challenge or desire...

That generates more Engagement, Sharing & Leads so that you can Grow Your Business and...

That’s an alternative, Lower Cost Solution to paid advertising

That'll not only reduce your Customer Acquisition Cost but...

That will generate Views & Leads Forever

A solution that once set up will work almost on Autopilot

Would you be interested?

Sounds too good to be true right?

I use to think so too

But not anymore, which I’ll explain shortly.

But for now…

Are you an Expert, Entrepreneur or Business Owner that has heard about the power of video marketing and would like to use it in your business but feel so overwhelmed by all of the information out there that you just

Don’t know WHERE to start?

Or you don’t know WHAT TYPE of Video to Produce,

Or WHAT TOPIC to speak about

Or WHO TO SAY IT TO and know that they're even INTERESTED in it?

and if you do…

You don’t know HOW LONG the video should be

Or HOW OFTEN to post a video

Or What MEDIA PLATFORM it should be posted on

Or WHEN is the best day and time per week to post it

And even if you do know…

With everything else that you need to do in your business,

Do you question whether you have the TIME to create videos on a CONSISTENT basis?

And do you also worry that you are camera shy because you've always felt awkward on camera, or speaking in public and you question whether you're even cut out to make videos

And to top it off you're not sure of all of the video making tools you should use for filming, for transcribing or for editing

It seems there’s so much technology out there these days, that mastering it looks like a full-time job in itself.

And then what's all this about keyword research and optimizing your videos?

And then there’s all of the possible distribution channels, all of which have their own video length and framing requirements and restrictions and how do you know which one is where your ideal clients are even hanging out

There seems to be so much information and so many options out there, that you go full circle feeling like you don’t even know where to start

And even if you do manage to get to this point, what happens if you put out a few videos


Nobody Watches Them!

And the list goes on and on… .

which makes you feel even more Overwhelmed, Confused and Frustrated and…

on the verge of Waiving the White Flag and…

Throwing in the Towel

And the hardest part is, you know you have

An Amazing Gift

An Inspiring Message

A Valuable Product or Service

And a potentially Life Changing Business, that could

Make a Significant Difference to So Many People in the world...

If only you could get this damn video making and marketing thing sorted out.


I promise you


In fact, I use to be just like you…

As a business owner myself, I’ve also struggled with every one of these challenges and most of them, more than once!

Ten years ago (with zero experience) I made a commitment to myself that I was going to create the TV Series – Golf Getaway.

It’s a tv show that allows me to travel the world, playing amazing golf courses, with inspiring people and sharing their stories from some bucket list destinations, to other passionate golfing tourists.

So far I’ve produced over 65 episodes, have been aired on multiple tv, inflight & video on demand networks,

Travelled to some amazing countries, met some incredible people and ultimately been able to pursue my passion for golf and travel,

All whilst inspiring hundreds of thousands of other golfers to do the same.

But it wasn’t always this way…

When I first started Golf Getaway I spent atleast 18 hours a day for 6 months busting my ass, doing everything I thought I had to do in order to get the tv series produced and then picked up by a tv network.

I was so committed to making it a success that I stopped going to the gym,

I stopped playing golf

and basically stopped everything I enjoyed

because I thought I had to work really hard to make it happen.

Everything I tried to make the businessand the series a success didn’t work

and I literally felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall!

I just couldn’t seem to work it out!

So I’m pretty sure I know what you may be going through and how you feel.

But I can assure you…

There is a Solution!…

And once you grasp it, (like I finally managed to do with Golf Getaway) it has the ability to change your life forever…

and for the better!

So much so… that I was able to go from being a complete no body in an industry that has existed for over 350 years,

to one of the most influential people in the industry within a few months of producing my series.

I know this is a big claim but let’s just say the old dinosaurs in the industry stood up to attention very quickly

and wondered how some random, average golfer with minimal playing experience and no history in the industry could be so influential, so quickly.

But I can assure you it’s a simple process and can work for anyone, in any industry… .

And it involves a specific mindset and

a specific formula for producing and promoting video content that your ideal audience wants to watch and that relates to them and their biggest challenges and desires.

And it’s almost guaranteed…

that when you learn how to produce and then position your message in front of your ideal clients & customers,

it will be your clients & customers themselves who will elevate you as an authority in your industry

and quickly!

And the good news is… .

The process will allow you to share your message, whilst growing your brand awareness, authority, leads, customers & revenue on a long-term basis

It will save you time, money & effort

because you’ll be leveraging the power of purposeful content combined with the power of multiple forms of media distribution.

And it’s the same process we’ve been using since we created

the world’s favourite Golf Travel TV Series – Golf Getaway

the world’s favourite online Golf Learning platform – Golf University

the Search 4 Scratch Documentary

and our TV Channel – The 19th Hole

as well as our new TV Series – Outlier, which shares the inspiring stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things outside of the comfort zone, in a bid to inspire others to do the same.

And now I want to help other inspiring people just like you to use the same process I do, to share your inspiring stories with the world

So that ultimately…

You can produce and promote your business or brand in a way that reflects your core values and

That connects directly with (and provides a solution for) your target customer or audience via Television, Inflight, Video on Demand, Educational, Digital and Social Media platforms

Sounds exciting right?

And I promise you….IT IS!

Especially when I can show you how to produce content once,

that then generates leads and clients for you on an on-going basis

and a lot of the time, on auto pilot!

Did you know that of all the businesses using video marketing as a key strategy,

76% report an increase in traffic due to video

And with more than 1.3 Billion hours of video being watched online daily,

it’s predicted video will make up 80% of all global traffic from this year onwards.

Video is also the preferred form of consumable content, that is…

When video & text are both available on the same page,

72% of consumers prefer video to learn about a product or service

and videos are shared 1200% more times than links & text combined.

Video also encourages visitors to stay longer on websites & social media platforms

as well as increase click-through rates by over 96% (in introductory emails)

and conversion rates by 80% on website landing pages

Videos are the best way to build brand awareness, rapport, understanding & engagement with your brand…

It’s also a not so hidden fact that the main video distribution platforms work

by selling ads to businesses wanting to get in front of the people watching the content that you’ve created

which means…

if you create the content, they’ll provide the platform to put you in front of your ideal audience

and if your video marketing is created in a way to support the platforms desire to sell ads

That is…

It provides high value, optimal length content on a regular basis,

then they’ll even reward you by suggesting more of your content to more of your ideal viewers or customers.

The power of this is profound!

It means…

If you create quality content that people want to watch on a regular basis it could be viewed

Thousands (if not Millions) of times over

And if you have a great call to action or offer in the content
very soon you’ll build a loyal tribe of followers

which as you know

can only do wonders for your business.

And the most powerful part of all

Is that once your video marketing system has been created, optimized & automated

It can work forever!

Meaning an ongoing flow of new leads to your business on an ongoing basis.

As a business owner I know how good this feels

but as I mentioned before I also know how bad it can feel

especially if you think you are doing everything right but nothing seems to work

trust me I’ve been there many a time and it doesn’t feel good at all

But the GOOD news is…

my team and I have spent all of the time, money, trial and effort finding out what does and doesn’t work effectively, so that you don’t have to!

We’ve created a simple, yet very powerful Video Production and Marketing solution

that is 100% specific to your business and the needs of your clients

and that will ultimately allow you to…

Share Your Gift

Your Message

Your Products

Your Services

and Your Business with the World

so that you can finally enjoy the



Profits and

Success that you deserve!

How do we do this?

Well…to support your content & channels success

We first start by researching the best type of content that your target market are searching for and that’s in alignment with your brand’s message.

Typically the most watched videos are Educational, Entertainment &/or Inspirational meaning people want to learn, laugh or get off their butts, so we’ll create content specific to these categories.

From here…

We then script the content in a way that’s designed to provide value, increase subscribers, followers & engagement and that keeps them watching longer & watching more of your videos

These scripts are then modified to accommodate the ideal video lengths required by each of the preferred social media platforms.

Essentially we create something once but repurpose it for many different platforms, including;

Your Website, your Newsletter and your Blog,

So it can be viewed and shared Thousands (if not Millions) of times over.

Once the scripts have been approved, we then film the videos in multiple video batches to maximize time efficiency.

The videos are then edited & keyword optimized before they are uploaded and scheduled on your Social, Website & Newsletter platforms


We can also post them to other social media bookmarking sites to increase Search Engine Optimization.

Pending the early success of each video we’ll then decide whether to pay to promote the videos, to even more targeted viewers

The first 48 hours of a new video are very important in this process because the more traffic that can be driven to your videos in this time frame

the more impact it will have on your business!

Over time…

We then let the magic of the Social Media platforms and in particular YouTube, take effect.


We monitor and assess the performance of the videos and supply a monthly analytics report where we can make adjustments to the existing & future videos.

This entire process is put into a content calendar that can be modified, duplicated & automated on an ongoing basis


if your strategy and budget allows we can also use some of the videos for paid advertising campaigns.

The Power & Possibilities of Creating & Distributing the Right Kind of Media for Your Business are Limitless!

Imagine being able to create an ongoing supply of inspiring content

that shares your businesses core values and core message to an ever-growing audience of raving fans

Honestly…It could be life changing!

And not only for YOU!

But also for your CLIENTS!

And so it’s time for me to ask you two questions…

Do you want to continue doing what you’ve always done and getting the same results you have always got?

Or would you prefer to

Share Your Gift

Your Message

Your Products

Your Services

and Your Business with the World

so that you can finally enjoy the



Profits and…

Success that you deserve?

I know…it’s a no brainer right?

And so…

If you’re sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated with your video making and video marketing efforts

Because you know you have

An Amazing Gift

An Inspiring Message

A Valuable Product or Service

And a potentially Life Changing Business, that could…

Make a Significant Difference to so Many People in the world…

Then I invite you to book in for a FREE 30 minute Strategy Session (valued at $495) by clicking the “Book Your Outlier Strategy Call” button below

Where we’ll discuss where you’re currently at with your business and…

Where you’d rather be and then together…

We’ll come up with a plan to help you create, optimize & grow your content, your channels & your business moving forward.

I’m Andrew McCombe & I look forward to helping you create & share your inspiring story with the world.

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