The Unleash Your Inner Outlier Coaching Program helps inspiring Outliers, such as yourself, Unleash Your Inner Outlier (Your True Calling)

The Unleash Your Inner Outlier Program will support you to get full clarity and direction around your unique gift, message or calling and give you a personalised plan that allows you to be true to yourself, turn it into a business and live your dream on a day to day basis, so that you can make a significant difference to the world.

As a Member of the 4 Week Unleash Your Inner Outlier Coaching Program, you will get access to:

  • An Initial 90 minute One on One Coaching session before the program starts to help you get greater clarity around your business and life direction.
  • Two x 60-90 minute Group Coaching sessions per week to focus on a specific aspect of your business or life journey – plus the recordings if you can’t make the session.
  • Daily Guided Meditation Audio Recordings to Awaken Your Inner Outlier and support you to bring it to reality, Remove Negative, Limiting and Conflicting Resistance to living your Inner Outlier life plus additional recordings to help you get clarity on your Values, Passions and Talents etc.

Please Note: All Coaching Sessions will be held on Zoom – which means you can be anywhere in the world.

  • Ongoing access to the Outlier Facebook Group to connect with, share, learn, brainstorm and ask for help from other Outlier members and mentors.
  • Time to time access to the Outlier Alumni of successful Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Educators and Experts who have featured in Outlier TV Episodes and who will share their trials, tribulations, knowledge, and strategies for personal and business success. Plus you will have the ability to ask them questions, have coaching calls with them etc on a regular basis
  • Ongoing access to the Unleash Your Inner Outlier Online Program
  • Ongoing access to all Outlier TV Episodes and Interviews


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