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Before the Unleash Your Inner Outlier Program I was starting to make in-roads into my trading results but I knew that I was my own weakest link… I intellectually knew I had the knowledge now & that my next hurdle was to get out of my own way to reach for the trading success I desired. My block was I didn’t know how to do this, which made me feel stuck.

After completing the Unleash Your Inner Outlier Program I know now when I’m getting in my own way, & more importantly I know how to get myself out of the way to unlock trading success. I now have confidence in my abilities as a trader. I’ve been trading with equanimity, consistency and discipline. I have also unblocked other areas of my life which have in turn created a stronger base for my trading performance. I am feeling optimistic about where my trading will take me.


Sue N (Professional Trader and Creator of Inspiring Outdoor Spaces)

I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely phenomenal last 4 weeks.  Prior to doing the Unleash Your Inner Outlier Program I was stagnating in my investment journey.  I was also suffering a number of physical niggles, which I can now see were linked with my psychological state…Having completed the program, I have now regained my confidence and am better able to put everything in perspective…My investing now comes more easily and naturally….I now feel a sense of clarity and calm, whilst also looking forward to the future with renewed enthusiasm.  I very much look forward to continuing to participate in your programs.


George S - (Professional Investor)