The inspiration for Outlier comes from founder Andrew McCombe

In January 1997, the day after the funeral of his oldest brother, Andrew flew to Australia to attempt to qualify for the Sydney 2000
Olympics – with only $1000 to his name Andrew spent the first 6 months of his journey in absolute grief & his motivation for his sport – beach volleyball had temporarily abandoned him.

During this time Andrew, who has a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPhEd) degree, could feel an inner calling to set up a personal training studio, which lead to a 12 year journey of owning & managing 3 health clubs, which lead to writing books, creating online programs and coaching many individuals & business owners how to experience EASE in their Health, Wealth, Relationships, Business &/or Careers.

After this 12 years and with a new found passion for golf, Andrew pivoted and created the world’s only golf travel tv show – Golf Getaway, followed by the world’s premiere golf improvement program Golf University, followed by the Search 4 Scratch Documentary and creation of the world’s only Golf TV Subscription Channel – The 19th Hole, which all continue to this day.

In 2019, after enduring the glacier like speed (and mindset) of the golf industry for the past 10 years Andrew has now returned to his tribe to create the Outlier TV series and Outlier Coaching / Consultancy in a bid to inspire Outliers everywhere to tune into themselves and live life on their terms – outside the comfort zone!

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