The Outlier Agreements

Tired of Broken Promises and Shattered Trust?

Discover the Secret to Building Unbreakable Agreements

Introducing The Outlier Agreements – a transformative guide to creating authentic, fulfilling relationships and achieving lasting success in business and life.


  • Partnerships that thrive on trust and mutual respect.
  • Collaborations that unleash your full potential.
  • Agreements that align with your deepest values.
  • A life filled with authentic connections and unwavering integrity.

This is the power of The Outlier Agreements

In this compelling story, you’ll join Alex, a successful entrepreneur, as he embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing. After a series of painful betrayals, he seeks refuge in the wisdom of a reclusive mountain sage, Skye. Through their conversations, Alex unveils the secrets to creating agreements that:

  1. Reflect your true values and intentions.
  2. Anticipate and navigate potential challenges.
  3. Foster win-win outcomes for all involved.
  4. Attract aligned partners and filter out those who don’t resonate.

This book will teach you:

  • The importance of self-awareness and authenticity in agreements.
  • The art of anticipation and how to create a flexible framework for success.
  • The power of micro-commitments to build trust and test alignment.
  • How to identify and avoid red flags in potential partners.
  • The win-win paradigm and how to create agreements that benefit everyone.
  • The transformative power of forgiveness and how to release the burdens of the past.

The Outlier Agreements is not just a book, it’s a roadmap for creating a life of purpose, passion, and unwavering integrity.

Ready to break free from the cycles of betrayal and build a future of genuine connection and lasting success?


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