What Are the Young Outlier Programs?

The Young Outlier (10 week) Fitness & Personal Development Training Programs, Online Education & School Holiday Camps provide:

  • 10-16 Year Old,
  • Male & Female,
  • Club, School, Representative, State & National Athletes, or Passionate Fitness Enthusiasts with,

Group Fitness & Mindset Training to complement the athletes existing sport(s), so they can ultimately become a superstar performer in their game & an even better human being at the same time!

Training Types

All training will be as specific to the athletes age, fitness level & sport as possible & will include a combination of:

  • Strength – to build a lifetime foundation across all muscle groups
  • Endurance – to support greater efforts for longer duration
  • Speed – off the mark & over short distances
  • Power – to increase the force generated for each movement
  • Agility & Coordination & Balance
  • Basic Plyometrics (to support speed, agility & jumping ability)
  • Flexibility  – to improve posture, increase overall performance & reduce injury
  • Breathing, Meditation, Visualization, Resilience, Stress & Injury Management Techniques

Values We Teach

We teach (& constantly reinforce) the following core values to all of our athletes / students:

  • Having a Positive (I can & we can do) Attitude whilst giving 100% at all times
  • Learning & Growth (both as individuals and teams specifically from a Fitness, Agility, Speed, Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, Skill, Mindset, Game, Self & Social Awareness basis)
  • Having lots of FUN & meeting lots of new friends


  • We always work together as a team at all times

Everything we do is aimed at providing, nurturing & developing a successful, high performance pathway for aspiring athletes.

What is an Outlier?

An Outlier is someone who is unique.

We’re high achievers with infinite potential & we’re driven to realise it.

We’re heart centred individuals who are committed to becoming fully expressed versions of ourselves, so that we can make a significant difference to ourselves, our sport, our friends, our families, our society & the world in some way.


All whilst creating a fulfilling life that we want to live, as we’re supported by other like-minded Outliers being & doing the same.

Meet Your Coach

Meet Your Coach – Andrew McCombe (BPhEd)

In January 1997, the day after the funeral of his oldest brother, Andrew flew to Australia to attempt to qualify for the Sydney 2000 Olympics – with only $1000 to his name Andrew spent the first 6 months of his journey in absolute grief & his motivation for his sport – beach volleyball had temporarily abandoned him.

During this time Andrew, who has a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPhEd) degree, could feel an inner calling to set up a personal training studio, which lead to a 12 year journey of owning & managing 3 health clubs, which lead to writing books, creating online programs and coaching thousands of individuals, athletes & business owners how to experience EASE in their Health, Wealth, Relationships, Business &/or Careers.

After this 12 years and with a new found passion for golf, Andrew pivoted & created the world’s only golf travel tv show – Golf Getaway, followed by the world’s premiere golf improvement program, Golf University, followed by the Search 4 Scratch Documentary & creation of the world’s only Golf TV Subscription Channel – The 19th Hole, which all continue to this day.

In 2019, after enduring the glacier like speed (& mindset) of the golf industry for the past 10 years Andrew has now returned to his tribe to create the Outlier TV series & Outlier Coaching Programs in a bid to inspire Outliers everywhere to tune into themselves & live life on their terms – outside the comfort zone!

Throughout the Young Outlier Programs Andrew may also include other coaches / practitioners to support you & your child’s sporting & life success.

What Training / Coaching Do Athletes Get?

As a member of the 10 Week Young Outlier Program, athletes will receive:

  • Two x 60 minute Group Fitness Training Sessions per week, for 10 weeks (including first, fifth and 10th week Fitness Assessment and Final Fitness Challenge)
  • One x 60-90 minute online Group Coaching session per week to focus on a specific topic related to the athletes fitness, sporting or life goals – plus the recording if they can’t make the session.
  • A Training Shirt
  • Ongoing access to the online Outlier Program, including educational videos, relaxation and guided visualisation audios that can be applied to the athletes sport or life.
  • Time to time access to the Outlier Alumni of successful Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Educators and Experts who have featured in Outlier TV Episodes and who will share their trials, tribulations, knowledge, and strategies for personal, sporting and business success. Plus athletes will have the ability to ask them questions, have coaching calls with them etc on a regular basis
  • Ongoing access to all Outlier TV Episodes and Interviews to enhance the athletes learning and motivation.


For every athlete registered we also welcome either an additional 10-16 year old sibling or one parent to train with their child at no additional cost.

Training Days / Times

Group Fitness Training Sessions are run daily from Monday to Thursday (Fridays & Saturdays Coming Soon) with two time options:

6.15am – 7.15am – so athletes can go home after training

7.15am – 8.15am – so athletes can go straight to school after training

Online Group Coaching CallWednesdays at 7.30pm on Zoom


i) Your child is eligible for two Outlier Group Fitness Training Sessions & the Online Group Coaching Call per week

ii) It is recommended that your child has a minimum 48 hour gap between each Outlier Training Session

Training Locations

LM Graham Reserve, Manly, NSW 2095 – see link to map 

New locations coming soon

What's The Investment?

$600 per 10 week term, includes:

  • 20 Group Fitness Training Sessions
  • 10 Online Group Coaching Calls
  • Training Shirt
  • One 10-16 year old sibling, or one parent per child is welcome to train (20 fitness sessions plus 10 coaching sessions) at no additional cost
  • $100 Active Kids Voucher Discount to be applied for eligible participants. Making the investment $500 for one child or $400 for two children training


Contact training@outlier.tv or 0414 676 968 if you would like to apply an Active Kids Voucher Discount for each child

When Does the Next Program Start?

The Programs run in conjunction with the start & finish of all public school terms in New South Wales

The next Young Outlier Program starts on: week of Monday July 18, 2022 until week of Friday September 23, 2022

Registration and Payment must be completed by Friday July 15 2022 


Actual Days / Times of the Group Fitness Sessions will be confirmed once numbers are confirmed & the Online Group Coaching Call will commence on Wednesday July 20, 2022

How to Register

If your child is committed to Unleashing Their Inner Outlier (in their Sport & their Life) & they’d like & benefit from even more support by joining the Young Outlier Program then click the “JOIN NOW” button below & fill in a few questions & from there we will get in touch & look forward to welcoming them (& you) to the program.

Have Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions please contact us at training@outlier.tv or call 0414 676 968